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Customisable review invitation email templates are your first step in collecting reviews from your customers.  All customers who place an order with you can be sent this email requesting a review.  It's quite important that the email content is useful, engaging and well-designed in order to get a good review conversion rate. supplies you with the tools you need to quickly make a good-looking and high-converting review invitation emails.

You can create unlimited review invitation emails for A/B testing, so you can always optimise your email message and layout for the best results.  You can also set the delay between order time and review request to maximise your impact.

You can use our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) email editor or delve straight into the HTML if coding is your thing.

In-depth guide

For a more in-depth guide to setting up Company, Product and Local Review collection emails, visit the Email Review Collection support article

Creating your review invitation email template

  • Choose Create a New Invitation Template


You have the choice of "Create Simple" (which is a WYSIWYG email designer) or "Create HTML" which allows you to have full control over your layout.


HTML emails are great for your developers to style your emails in keeping with the rest of your brand.

  • Choose the type of review invitation email template you wish to create

Types of email offers five basic email types:

  1. Reviews of my company
  2. Reviews of my products
  3. Reviews of both my company and my products
  4. Reviews of my company on and 3rd party sites
  5. Reviews from my Amazon customers
  • Choose the review invitation email type which is relevant to your goal.

You'll be presented with the WYSIWYG editor. There are a number of customisation parameters here, along with a preview of your review invitation email.

Adding dynamic data

Customer data can be dynamically added to your review invitation email using shortcodes such as those shown below.  These will be replaced in the live email by data from your e-commerce platform.

Sending your Review Invitation email

The system will automatically send the correct review invitation email type to your customers.  If you create more than one email of any particular type, those emails will be evenly sent out for A/B testing.

To stop any of your review invitation emails being sent, simply mark them as inactive in the editor.


If you have no active customised email templates, our system will send the standard default email to your customers.  We'd advise you to make your own, however ours is perfectly usable.


A combined company and product review invitation email template functions as a product email by default. Therefore, if you create one of these emails alongside a standard product email, the traffic will be split 50/50 between the two. If you want all emails to be combined emails, deactivate all of your product-only emails.

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