This facility is used for any customer not using one of the popular eCommerce platforms for which does not have an automated module or app.

Most eCommerce platforms work out of the box as has modules and apps available.  If you are using a custom solution or a platform not listed below you'll need to set up BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) emails.


  • Available on all plans


  • Navigate to your Dashboard

  • Click on Integrations

  • Click on BCC Dispatch Emails


These work by BCC copying a email address into your order confirmation emails to your customer.  We extract the relevant information (customer name, email and order ID) and use this to automatically send Review Invitation emails to your customer.

BCC Email Integration

Create Review Email Template

  • Follow the instructions to create an review email invitation template in your dashboard, which you will use to send Review invitations to your customers.

Amend Order Confirmation Emails

  • In your eCommerce platform Order Confirmation Email, add the following dynamic data:


To correctly implement BCC Emails, at minimum your order confirmation emails must include the customer's Name, Email Address and Order ID.  The most reliable way of including this is as below.  It's recommended you also include the product SKU if you intend to collect product reviews.

<!--name:Tony Stark-->

Using BCC also supports queuing specific templates.

Add your BCC email address

  • In, navigate to Integrations >> BCC Dispatch Emails

  • Copy your company BCC email address from that page

  • Add this email address in your Order Confirmation Emails to your customers


Your BCC email address takes the form of [your-store-id-here]

Once starts to received BCC Emails from you, we'll automatically use them to send the custom email invitation template which you have set up on your behalf.

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