• Enter your Shopify Store URL and click Install

- In the popup from Shopify, click Install App


Ensure that you have at least one Company Reviews or one Product Reviews Invitation Email set up in the Customisable Email Wizard located in your Reviews.io dashboard.

If Review Invitations are enabled these will be sent automatically by Shopify.

Shopify Product Review Widget Installation

Reviews.io allows you to automatically pull through product specific reviews directly onto your product pages.  The best option is our Elements Widget.

You can customise your widget code on this screen in your dashboard by selecting the appropriate tab.

The Elements Product Review widget offers extensive customisation opportunities. To get up and running you only need the code from the Product Reviews tab.

As well as showcasing your Reviews, the widget automatically includes Product Review Data on the page as Rich Results Markup, this is Search Engine Friendly markup from Schema.org to get you Product Review Stars in Organic Search results.

If you need to add your own supplementary data to this Rich Results Markup, such as GTIN, Price, Availability or Offers, check the Rich Results implementation.

The Custom Options gives an example of the widget with its custom options included, these allow you to turn on / off certain features of the widget, such as Social Sharing

The Colours and Styles setup gives you an example of the widget with the avaialble customisation options. These allow you to adapt the appearance of the widget to better suit your sites branding and aesthetic.

How to install the code in Shopify

  • In Shopify, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Edit HTML/CSS
  • Navigate to the templates/product.liquid file, and paste the snippet code at the bottom of the page (or wherever you want the widget to be displayed).

Product Rating Snippet

A rating snippet shows the star rating for a product and is best displayed on category pages and at the top of a product page. To get the code unique to your store and install, follow the guide your Reviews.io dashboard.

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