You need the Intercom Engage functionality in your Intercom account.

Add code to your webpage

  • Log into your account and navigate to the Company Setup >> Automated Review section
  • Click on Intercom 
  • Copy the HTML code from this page and insert it into your website.  The code is dynamically created from your logged-in dashboard and is unique to you.

Intercom Reviews Installation Setup

Intercom Review Invitation Snippet with Intercom Engage

  • Log into your Intercom account and navigate to the Engage section on the left side options panel.
  • From the Engage section, click on Manual messages from the navigation menu located at the top of the page.
  • In the Manual messages section, click on New manual message button in the top right of the page located under the search bar.
  • Assign a title to the manual message in the top left corner and then in section 1 - Choose your audience. Select only the users you wish to receive a Review Invitation Snippet.
  • In section 2 - Select your channel, choose where you wish the Review Invitation message to appear. For example 'In-App' on the 'Web' will appear in the Intercom chat on your website.
  • In section 3 - Write your message, on the left side you can select a name that Review Invitation message will be sent from that will appear to the user, the type of message and how the message should be sent e.g snippet. 

You can then directly edit the message by clicking on the Placeholders button or clicking in the mock Intercom chat message box on the right.

If you are using the Dynamic Intercom Review Invitation Snippet Generator then please ensure you fill out the fields correctly to ensure your Reviews are collected as intended.

  • After making a copy of the Intercom Company Review Invitation Snippet, navigate back to the Intercom Manual Message setup page and under section 3 - Write your message, click to place the cursor in the chat window on the right. 

Then use Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste the Review Invitation Snippet message. You can then make any further customisations you wish through the Intercom message editor.

  • The Intercom Review Invitation Snippet uses the placeholders e.g. {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{user_id}} & {{email}} to obtain the details of the user the invitation was sent to from Intercom. Please do not edit the placeholders as they're used to dynamically obtain the user's details for the Review collection process.
  • Once you're satisfied with the Review Invitation message, you can set a goal in section 4 - Set a Goal (optional) and in section 5 - Review and set live you can schedule a time or set the Review Invitation message live immediately or save and close for further editing later. For this example the manual message was Set live immediately.
  • Once your manual Review Invitation message is live, Intercom will confirm that the message is sending. Now any user that is logged into Intercom chat and was selected in Step 4 will receive the Review Invitation message. 

The user can then click one of the rating links which will redirect them to your company's Reviews collector. The link will populate the Reviews collector with information stored for each user in Intercom to streamline the write Review process for the customer.

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