This integration allows you to manage and respond to reviews for your own ticket system in Zendesk!


  • Active account

  • Active Zendesk account

  • Zendesk Bolt-on


  • Log in to

  • Integrations >> Zendesk

How to Generate a Zendesk API token

  • In Zendesk, navigate to Admin on your settings page

  • Navigate to Channels >> API

  • Set the Token Access toggle to Enabled

  • This will display a notification in the top right corner that says "Token Access enabled"

  • Click the + icon to create a new token

  • Enter an API Token description to describe what the token will used for e.g. "Reviews App".

  • Make a copy of the Zendesk API token and then click Save

You will be asked to submit your API Token so please ensure you have saved a copy before clicking the save button.

  • Check the API settings page to ensure that API Token access is set to Enabled and that the new Token is displayed in the Active API Tokens list.

Adding the Zendesk token to your Reviews account

  • Enter your Zendesk Account Login Email Address, Zendesk Domain and your Zendesk API Token into the appropriate text fields and click the Install button

If the Zendesk API Token is deleted in the Zendesk API settings page then you will need to submit the new details through this page.

Zendesk Reviews Installation Configuration

Download Zendesk Reviews App

  • Download the Zendesk Reviews App to your computer

Download Zendesk Reviews App

  • In Zendesk, navigate to Admin on your settings page

  • Navigate to the Apps >> Manage settings panel.

  • Click the Upload private app button that is located on the top right of the page.

  • Enter an App Name (e.g "Reviews App")

  • Choose the Reviews App .zip file

  • Click Upload

  • Click Upload to confirm the upload

  • You will be presented with a loading window until the upload has completed.

  • Enter your Reviews URL key and Reviews API key into the appropriate fields and click the install button

  • The manage app page will now display the reviews app under the Currently Installed apps page.

Zendesk Usage

Incoming Review Tickets

  • When you receive a new company review, the Reviews Zendesk Integration will automatically create a ticket in the associated Zendesk support account.

  • Click on a Reviews ticket to view more information about the review.

Please do not change the subject line of the Review ticket as the Reviews App relies on the specific format to retrieve the Review details.

How to take action on Review tickets

  • Inside of a Review ticket, the Reviews Zendesk App will fetch more information about the Review and any replies for the review will displayed in Reviews App on the right-side panel next to the ticket.

  • You can then publicly or privately reply to the reviewer or forward the review and a comment to multiple other recipients.¬†

  • After posting a reply, the Reviews App will update to show the latest replies for the Review.

You can reply to your reviews directly from your Zendesk account  However, it is ESSENTIAL that your replies are sent using the Reviews App (on the right-hand side of the ticket), and NOT using the normal Zendesk ticket reply box (on the left-hand side of the ticket.

You can also reply to and manage all your reviews directly in your dashboard.

Please note - Test reviews will not create tickets in Zendesk.

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