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This article includes instructions for setting up your Company Review Collector Page and your Product Review Collector Page.  These are the pages that your customer visits to write their review, after clicking the link in your email, SMS or in-store app

The Review Collector Page is the nuts and bolts of your company's review strategy.  Once your customers click on the link in your Review Invitation (either by email or SMS), they're directed to this page to write the actual review.

Your customers give you a star rating and a comment, and leave some details about themselves.  They can choose to remain anonymous if given the choice, but they must provide a verified email address.

If you've sent them an email review invitation, they won't be prompted to supply an email address, but if it's an SMS review invitation, they will.

All automated review invitations sent by you lead to automatically verified reviews, because the proof of purchase is already supplied by your e-commerce site in the form of an order ID.

Your Review Collector Page can also be accessed on your Company Profile Page, giving customers the option to write a review without being invited. However, the visibility of the "Write A Review" button depends on whether you have opted for an open or closed platform. If your platform is open, customers will be able to leave a review using the button provided. The "Write A Review" button can be seen above your merchant metrics: 

If you have opted for a closed platform, the "Write A Review" button will not be available for your customers. Only customers which you invite to leave a review will be able to do so:

Setting your account to either an open or closed platform to enable or disable the "Write A Review" button is determined by your plan type. To enable or disable the option for your customers to leave a review uninvited from your company profile page, navigate to:

  • Settings >> Profile Page 

To enable the "Write A Review" button, select: 

  • Show "Write A Review" form on profile page

If you wish to remove the option for customers to leave a review this way, make sure this option is not selected. 

Setting up the Company Review Collector Page

To choose your options for company review collection, visit this help article for a step-by-step guide.

Setting up the Product Review Collector Page

To choose your options for product review collection, visit this help article for a step-by-step guide.

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