Engage Bot via Facebook Messenger gives your business another avenue - along with email confirmations - to contact your customers throughout their journey with you, to form frictionless communications and create more-informed after-sales experiences.  

Customers can opt-in to receive order updates through Facebook Messenger once they've placed an order through your Shopify store, and you can also use Engage Bot to request a review. With its order status functionality, Engage Bot offers a great opportunity to ask customers for feedback after order despatch.

By keeping customers in the know and increasing accountability, Engage Bot helps reduce any anxiety customers may feel when making an online purchase. Engage Bot offers customers reassurance and knowledge about the status of their order, resulting in happier customers overall and securing the likelihood of future custom. 

Installing Engage Bot

If you do not use Shopify, you will not be able to implement Engage Bot. If you use Shopify but do not use the Reviews.io Shopify Plugin, you can install our app by following these instructions.

If you have multiple Shopify stores set up, make sure to: 

  • Choose the Shopify store you'd like to implement Engage Bot
  • Click Install

If at any point you no longer wish to have Engage Bot implemented for your Shopify store, simply click 'Uninstall'.

How It Works

With Engage Bot implemented, a 'Send to Messenger' button is then available on your Shopify checkout page. When customers opt-in using this button, they'll receive order updates from Shopify to their Facebook Messenger.

They will first receive an order confirmation notification:

Then they will receive an order despatch notification, at which point they will be asked for a review.

If you need any more help or have questions, please email us at support@reviews.io. 

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