gives you a fully customisable way to contact your customers by email after they have made a purchase or used your service.  Whichever website technology you use, you can integrate with and send your review invitations at a time appropriate for you

There are a number of different kinds of review invitation dependant on your goals, They include Company, Product, Local and Combined email invitations.

Your Review Invitation Email can be set up in a number of ways and for a number of purposes.  You can choose to send a company review request, a product review request, or a local review request.  You can also combine company and product review requests into one email.

The email templates can be created either by using our WYSIWYG drag and drop email editor, or by uploading your own custom HTML email template.  You can add dynamic data to your emails, and fully integrate with your ecommerce site.  You can choose to have your emails sent from our email address, or use your own servers and email address.

Review Invitation Emails contain a link to your Review Collector Page.  You must therefore set up your review collection options before you send email invitations to your customers. Follow this guide to setting up your review collection page options.

Integration & Scheduling

You'll need to integrate with your website.  The best way to do this is to follow the appropriate guide in our Website Integration section.

Once integrated, you'll choose when your emails are sent.  Usually this is triggered based on a certain event on your website.  For example, you can choose to send your email at the point of ordering, at the point of product despatch, or any other event of your choosing.

You can also set a delay after the trigger point.  Most companies would choose the point of despatch as their trigger, and then set a delay for a number of days afterwards.  This makes it more likely that your customers will have received their product before being asked for a review.

Company Review Invitation Email

To set up Company Review Invitations, visit this help article for a step by step guide

Product Review Invitation Email

To set up Product Review Invitations, visit this help article for a step by step guide.

Combined Invitation Email

To set up Combine (Company & Product) Review Invitations, visit this help article for a step by step guide.

Local Review Invitation Email

To set up Local Review Invitations, visit this help article for a step-by-step guide.

Adding dynamic data

Customer data can be dynamically added to your review invitation email using shortcodes such as those shown below.  These will be replaced in the live email by data from your e-commerce platform.  the relevant shortcodes permitted on each template are visible below the WYSIWYG editor.

Sending your Review Invitation email

The system will automatically send the correct review invitation email type to your customers.  If you create more than one email of any particular type, those emails will be evenly sent out for A/B testing.

To stop any of your review invitation emails being sent, simply mark them as inactive in the editor.  You can achieve this by toggling the Active/Inactive tab within the relevant invitation.

If you have no active customised email templates, our system will send the standard default email to your customers.  We'd advise you to make your own, however ours is perfectly usable.

Contact Past Customers

Once you have set up your email template you can manually send review invitation emails out in bulk to your past customers.  This is useful for when you are just getting started with review collection and will often mean you'll collect a large number of reviews quite quickly, depending on how many invitations you send and how long ago the customer purchased from you.

To set up Review Booster, visit the Contact Past Customers With Review Booster article.

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