It's possible to use to collect reviews on your Amazon store, if you are an Amazon Marketplace Seller.  Owing to some limitations on Amazon's part, this feature has mainly been developed for our Enterprise clients, and for large Amazon eCommerce stores.


To get started with Amazon review integration, you'll require the following:-

Enterprise account
Amazon MWS developer access

Amazon MWS developer access is not granted to all sellers so please ensure you have this in place before you attempt to integrate with Amazon.


The aim of the feature is to collect customer data from your Amazon account and use that to send review invitation requests (in the form of standard customisable emails) to your customers.

The link in the sent email directs your customer to their Amazon account in order for them to write a review on their recent purchase.

This feature does not allow you to move any reviews you may have collected elsewhere, including on, to your Amazon account.


Review collection on Amazon is important as the number of reviews and your Seller Rating is one important factor in determining whether your business wins the Buy Box, visible after a customer product search.

Essentially, the more reviews and the higher your Merchant Rating in Amazon, the more visible in the search results you will potentially be.


Log in to your account

Navigate to Company Setup >> Automated Review Collection

Click Amazon to visit the Amazon integration page.  You'll need to input data from your Amazon Seller Central account on this page

Setting up Amazon

In a new tab, sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account
Click on Settings >> User Permissions
Under Amazon MWS Developer Permissions click Enable Developer Access
Check for the confirmation email to your configured Amazon email address.

Setting up

On the Amazon configuration page, perform the following steps:-

In the 'Your Account Information' section, locate your Merchant ID and copy and paste it into the field.

Select which marketplace your store operates in.

Under 'Current Authorisations' click 'View your credentials' and then copy and paste your AWS Access Key ID into the field.

With the "Your Developer Account Information" modal still open, click 'View' to reveal your Secret Key and then paste it into the field.

Now determine your MWS Service URL, this will depend on the geographic marketplace in which your store operates. e.g.,,

Next we need to know the collection URL for customers to leave a review. This will depend on the geographic marketplace in which your store operates with the added path '/feedback' so for a UK store you'd use

Now we need the URL for your stores Amazon seller page where customers can review your collected feedback.

Email Integration

Once the above steps are complete, you will need to set up the email integration for your review invitations and allow REVIEWS to send email via your Amazon account, otherwise Amazon will block us from being able to contact your customers.

In Seller Central click on 'Messages' in the top right corner.

Under 'Links' select 'Authorised Emails'

Add the following email address ''

Displaying Amazon reviews on your website

Using our standard Local Reviews widgets, it's possible to add reviews from any third party location to your website so if you'd like to display those reviews inside your website widget, just choose the appropriate widget from our library (found under Company Setup >> Publishing Reviews

Any Company/Local review widget will enable Amazon Reviews, so please select these filters to see which you should use on your site.


We are able to assist our Enterprise clients with Amazon integration.  Please contact our support team to discuss. There may be additional fees for this service.

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