To show collected reviews on your website, you will need to install one or more of our fully-customisable review badges and widgets.  We have widgets allowing you to display Company Reviews, Product Reviews and Local Reviews. You're also able to install code on your site which lets Google read your reviews and include them in organic search listings on the web.


Review widgets serve a number of purposes.  By displaying reviews you have collected on your website, visitors and browsers are able to see evidence of your service and trustworthiness by reading about past experiences of other customers.

You have the option to display reviews about your company as a whole, the products you sell and any other locally sourced reviews.

Company review badges generally included comments about your service, delivery and prices, while product review badges contain detailed information about the products you sell, such as suitability, durability, size and fit or any other information that your customers may wish to include.   Local review badges are generally company reviews that have been sourced from websites such as Google Local (maps) or Facebook, and can be included alongside company reviews collected on your company page.

You can access all review badges and widgets from one page, using filters to narrow down your requirements.  Simply check the boxes for they type of widget and you'll be shown the appropriate results.

Product Review Widgets

  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to Product Setup >> Product Review Publishing >> Publishing Reviews
  • You should see that the Product Reviews filter is active and all Product Reviews compatible widgets are displayed

Product Rich Snippets

For Google to display stars against organic search results, you must set up your Product Rich Snippets settings.  You must also then install a Rich Snippet friendly widget on your website.

  • Navigate to Google Product Rich Snippets

Add the displayed Javascript code to each of your product pages.  The only setting here that you need to change dynamically is the SKU.  This must match the SKU of the product on the page with the code

You don't need to add this code if you are using one of our eCommerce plugins, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart or Prestashop

You MUST include a Rich Snippet friendly widget on the pages you specify in this list or Google will not display stars in its listing.

Carousel Inline Widget

A more compact version of the Carousel Widget.  The widget is available in maximum widths of 810 or 360 pixels.

The following customisation options are available:-

  • primaryClr: '#f47e27'
  • neutralClr: '#f4f4f4'
  • reviewTextClr:'#2f2f2f'
  • ratingTextClr:'#2f2f2f'
  • numReviews: 21

Floating Widget V2

One of our most popular widgets. This contains a small box on your screen that is expandable on clicking, to reveal a large amount of review content.

The following options are customisable in this widget:-

  • Star Colour
  • Display Company and Local Reviews
  • Display Product Reviews
  • Hide Review Dates

Product Vertical Widget

Vertical widgets work well when you have more space available.  They contain your overall score and rating, along with the last reviews received.  You can change the number of reviews displayed.  the widget is available in maximum widths of 720 and 360 pixels.  The widget links to individual reviews on your company profile page.

To install, copy the JavaScript code to your product pages.  You can insert the SKU dynamically in your CMS - speak to your developer.

You can customise the following settings:-

  • primaryClr
  • neutralClr
  • buttonCl
  • textCl
  • tabCl
  • ratingStars
  • showAvatars
  • perPage

Product Carousel Widget

Our Carousel Widgets are the most popular.  You can display a number of reviews in a relatively small space, and your visitors can scroll through them.  You can choose the number of reviews and the design, and the widget is Rich Results friendly.

The Product Carousel Widget has a number of customisable options.  You can change the colour scheme, choose whether to show reviews for specific products or all products, choose to hide the dates on the review, and choose how many reviews are displayed in the widget.

The following options are customisable in code:-

  • primaryClr
  • neutralClr
  • reviewTextClr
  • numReviews
  • sku
  • hideDates

Product Photo Widget

Product photos are a truly great way to show future customers a real in-use example of your products, from photos taken by your customers.  Product photos are far better than manufacturer supplied product photos, which are often generic and found on multiple ecommerce sites.
Product photos are approved by you in your reviews dashboard before they are displayed in these widgets, so you have control over incoming review photos.

Customisable options in this widget include:-

  • primaryClr: '#F47E27'
  • neutralClr: '#f4f4f4'
  • reviewTextClr: '#494949'
  • numReviews: 21

Product Rating Snippet

This widget is ideal for displaying a product rating on your category pages.

Product Floating Widget

Our Floating Widgets are compact and sit to the side of your webpage.  When they are clicked, they expand to reveal product review content, containing star ratings, a product photo (sourced from your product catalogue) and review comments.

Customisation options for this widget include:-

  • primaryClr
  • numReviews
  • floatPosition

You may also choose to show reviews for specific products or all products in this widget, as well as hiding or showing the review date

Review API - Custom Widgets

With access to the Reviews API, you can implement review content into your site in any way that you wish, giving you a truly customisable solution.  

Your API Key is visible on this page.

Developers Only
Implementing review content using our API requires developer knowledge to accomplish.  Our full API documentation is available at this link.

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