To really make the most of your review invitations, you need to stay on brand and be consistent.  We give you the tools to get the best review conversion rates in the industry with our WYSIWYG and HTML email editor.  It's as powerful as you need it to be.

You can access a list of your current email invitations and choose which are active. You may also create new email invitations in either Simple or HTML format, depending on how much you would like to customise them.

In the left-hand panel you'll see a list of templates currently within your account.  On the left of each template you'll see its type, and you'll also see whether its an HMTL or Simple template.

If the template is currently in use, you'll see the Active flag.

If the template is currently not in use, you'll see the Inactive flag.

To create a new email template, click Create Simple or Create HTML on the right hand panel.  For full instructions on creating email templates, visit this article.

You can activate or deactivate Company and Product reviews by toggling the settings in this panel on the right hand side of the screen.

To activate or deactivate an individual email template, click on it to open it, then click the Active/Inactive toggle at the top right of the template. You may also edit your subject line and email delay, as well as send yourself a test email.

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