Review Booster is a fantastic way for new clients to get a lot of reviews quickly, without waiting for new orders to come in. It can also be used for manual review collection at any time by processing an uploaded .csv file containing customer data, which is used to populate your email review invitation templates.

Select whether you want to send a Company or Product Review Booster. If you would like to ask customers to write both company & product reviews, set booster type to Product Reviews and choose an email template which supports 'Combined' invitations.

Choose your email template from the list of active templates. If you select more than one review email template, your invitations will be spread across them evenly and an A/B test will be conducted to determine which templates performs the best.

Import your customer data. You can choose to send as a one-off to a single customer by clicking 'Add One Customer', or you can choose to send to a number of customers in bulk by using the 'Upload CSV' option. We would not recommend uploading more than 3000 customers at one time. Required Data: Customer Name, Email Address and Order ID.

Identify Customer Data.  In this section you'll match the columns in your uploaded .csv to the headings in the dashboard.

If you need to match a column, click Identify Column and choose from the dropdown menu.

When all columns match up, simply click Send Invitations and your review booster will be sent.

You can view your in-progress and past review invitations on the Review Booster History page in the Invitations menu.

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