When a customer receives a product invitation email, they will be directed to a product review collector page.  Various options exist to determine how reviews are collected, whether you wish to implement Voucher Codes, asking Additional Questions or adding Product Review Photos.

Product Collector Page Settings

Choose whether customers can title their review, and choose whether review comments on product reviews are mandatory, using the product collector page settings screen.

Additional Ratings

You may ask for ratings for individual product criteria by adding them on the Additional Ratings screen.

To add an additional ratings, simple fill in the form with the question you wish to ask, the product category if applicable,  and choose whether the question is a yes/no or a star rating.  Once added, you'll see the list of active additional ratings on this screen.

Product Review Photos

You may choose to allow users to upload photos with their product reviews by activating the toggle on the Review Photos settings screen in your dashboard.

Product Review Voucher Codes

Add voucher codes to your product reviews using this settings screen. We have a more in-depth article about voucher codes here.

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