Google displays star ratings against search results, but only for companies who collect product reviews and also include the relevant Google-friendly code on their website. You can take advantage of Rich Results and the benefits they bring.

For an understanding of how Rich Results are collected and implemented, and how they positively benefit your business, watch our video below.

Our blog post, Rich Snippets - A Plain And Simple Guide, gives you all the information you need regarding organic stars in Google.


To be eligible for Rich Results, you must fulfil the following requirements:-

  • Have collected at least one review
  • Include Rich-Result friendly schema markup on your website

Below are some examples of how stars appear as Rich Results in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). supplies you with a full suite of review collection tools, include Rich Result friendly review badges and widgets, easily installable on your website.

Product Review Rich Results can be installed on all your product pages.


Stars shown in Google organic search give consumers an overall picture of how easy it is to do business with you, before they even click through to your website.

You can read our technical documentation on Rich Result implementation under the Badges & Widgets section of this support center.

Product Review Rich Results

There is no restriction on the number of product pages for which Google will show organic stars, so we would recommend installing our product rich snippet code on all pages.  You can dynamically add the SKU for the product to each page that it appears on, and reuse the same base code on all pages.  Full instructions can be found at this support article.


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