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Combined Invitation Email

  • Choose Create a New Invitation Template

You have the choice of "Create Simple" (which is a WYSIWYG email designer) or "Create HTML" which allows you to have full control over your layout.

  • Choose Create HTML
  • Choose "Reviews of both my company and my products"

You'll be presented with the WYSIWYG editor. There are a number of customisation parameters here, along with a preview of your review invitation email.

You can edit the following fields:-

  • Email Subject
  • Sender Name
  • Send Email After
  • Branch

You can also edit the HTML source code here by toggling the Source button, as well as upload your own images.

The template also includes the options for placeholder text, allowing you to dynamically fill in the following information:-

  • [Name]
  • [OrderId]
  • [CompanyName]
  • [ProductName]
  • [ProductImage]

Important Information Regarding Combined InvitationsA combined company and product review invitation email template functions as a product email by default. Therefore, if you create one of these emails alongside a standard product or company email, the traffic will be split equally between them all.

If you want all emails to be combined emails, then you should deactivate all of your product-only and company-only emails.  You can achieve this by toggling the Active button within each individual template (at the top-right of the screen).

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