Setting up the Product Review Collector Page

It's possible to add custom options to your Product Review Collector.  The Review Collector is the page linked to from your Review Invitation, and is where your customer will write their review.
To access the Product Review Collector options, use the following steps.

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to Product Setup >> Collection Settings
  • Choose to modify your chosen option from that page

Collector Page

Unlike your Company Collector Page, when you select Product Collector Page you only have one option to turn on or off - Review Titles. 

Toggling Review Titles on allows customers to optionally leave a title for their product review. For example, if you sell purple leggings, a customer may leave a review title such as "Comfortable dance leggings". 

Product Additional Ratings

Within Additional Ratings, you can ask extra questions and ratings for different aspects of your product. 

The question type can be yes / no or a star rating out of five.  You could for example ask "How accurate is the size and fit", with a star rating option.

Product Review Photos

Choose whether to allow photos to be uploaded with either Company or Product reviews by toggling the options on or off. 

Set up Product Voucher Codes

You can also offer voucher codes within your Product Collector settings. When you click edit to set up Voucher Codes, you will be redirected to your main Company Review Collector Page.

You must set up a voucher code in your own ecommerce platform or website to match the code you enter here.

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