Reviewer attributes enable you to capture insights into who your customers.

*This feature is only available on our Growing Business Plan

Getting Started

  • Log in to Dash
  • Navigate to >> Reviews Setup >>
  • Edit ReviewCompany Review Setup or Product Product Reviews Setup
  • Click >> Edit review Collector Page
  • Select >> Company Reviews or Product Reviews tab

* Please note you can move the attributes up and down using the arrows on the left.

Add Reviews Attributes by clicking on types of attributes

There are three types of reviewer attributes:

  1. Multiple Choice: Customers can select single attribute from multiple options.
  2. Free Text: Add/edit additional text question.
  3. Yes / No : Customers must select a single option.
  4. Centered Select : Great for measuring deviation from standard.

Multiple Choice

Customers can select a single attribute from multiple options, these are great for when you'd like to capture a single, specific insight, most commonly, a customer insight.

Free Text

Allows you to ask reviewer questions where they can answer a detailed reply.

Yes / No

Allows customers to answer customers with a simple Yes or No option.

Centered Select

Great for capturing insights about product dimensions where there is an existing standard and you are interested in measuring deviation from this standard.

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