The Rezi RMS is a free white label resume software for approved Rezi partners.

Deploying your resume builder is as simple as uploading a logo, selecting your colors, and launching. It's free and extends your business's functionality without sacrificing your brand identity. Our business partners will also earn a 30% commission when users upgrade to any paid plan.

In this guide, we'll show you how to get started with the Rezi RMS

You must have a Rezi account to create an RMS.

You can create a Rezi account here:

Step 1: Navigate to the RMS Admin

The RMS admin is accessible only through the specific URL:

Now you will have the option to navigate to the RMS admin from your dashboard's sidebar as well.

Step 2: Figure your RMS Settings

The RMS TITLE will be the name of your resume builder - you can change this any time.

The RMS SUB DOMAIN will be the unique URL Subdomain of your RMS - you cannot change this later

The subdomain will follow the convention: [name]

Please beware that a custom URL can be used at this time.

Step 3: Figure your RMS Logos

Any file type is supported for the RMS logo. We suggest using an SVG or high-quality PNG with a transparent background.

The RMS Main Logo will appear in the sidebar

The RMS Auth Logo will appear on the sign-up & login screen

The RMS Small Logo will appear when the sidebar is minimized

Step 4: Figure your RMS Colors

Here you can set the colors of the RMS to match your brand. You'll have 7 colors to select:

Main Color

Create New Resume Background Color

Create New Resume Text Color

Sidebar Color

Sidebar Navigation Hover Color

Sidebar Navigation Text Color

Icon Hover Color

The Last Step: Chat Rezi to set live

Once your RMS is set up to your liking, simply chat Rezi so we can set it live in production.

Please beware that we will do quick due diligence on your organization and may reach out to you to assist in the configuration of your RMS.

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