A successful fundraiser is about telling the right story so that your supporters understand both your vision for your cause as well as the objectives you are looking to reach. 

RFMS provides the Event Administrator the tools create a custom fundraiser story in a matter of minutes so that your supporters understand your cause-marketing message!

On your My Fundraiser page, select EDIT button to change and create a custom story that works for your community needs: 

Post an image - post an image of your school or mascot. An image is worth 1,000 words so select an image that supports your fundraiser mission statement.

Share a video - create an interactive story so supporters understand what your fundraiser is all about.

RFMS does not host videos, but does allow you to connect your video through a share link function on 3rd party video hosing sites. We recommend that you connect and share your video from either You Tube or Vimeo account. Once that is in place, just insert the video share link into our video form and you are good to go!

Write a story - create a short description about your fundraising mission as well as objectives. This is a good area to post updates once your fundraiser is launched.

Insert objectives - Supporters want a deeper connection with your fundraiser and understanding where their fundraising support is going allows others to rally around your story.

Need Help with creating a video account? Follow the links below to create an account that can host your video message.

Need additional support? Check out this training video.

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