Both the Event Administrator as well as Team Leaders have the ability to create and manage reading and fundraising goals.

Event Administrator: The EA has permissions to set both overall and individual goals directly from their My Fundraiser page.

Team Leaders:
The TL has permissions to set individual goals associated with the team of readers that they are managing.

IMPORTANT: If both the EA and TL have set individual goals, the TL goals will overwrite the EA goals. 

If you decide not to insert reading and fundraising goals, the RFMS default goals below will appear:

Default Overall Goals:
 - Fundraising = 10,000
 - Reading minutes = 20,000
 - Books read = 1,000

Default Individual Goals:
 - Fundraising = 100
 - Reading minutes = 400 (20 minutes a day; 20 school days)
 - Books read = 10

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