As an Event Administrator, you can easily create a custom leaderboard that works for you. 

From your EA My Fundraiser page, scroll down to our Leaderboard component. There you will see a series of toggle switches that will allow you to show or hide specific data from your RFMS fundraiser. 

With RFMS, you have complete control of the following data of your leaderboard:

 - Show or hide minutes read
 - Show or hide books read
 - Show or hide pledge donations
 - Display donation page link for readers (allowing readers to view donation pages to increase pledge donation support!)

Your choices will highlight what your supporters will see when they access their Leaderboard page on RFMS. You can edit them at any time during your fundraiser so talk to your team leaders about how best to implement this feature.

Your supporters will be able to filter to view how they are doing against other top performers across:

My School - how reader is doing against everyone in the school;
My Grade - how reader is doing against everyone in their grade level;
My Team - how reader is doing against everyone on their team (classroom).

Tip: Discuss with your Team Leaders what you want all of your supporters to see during your fundraiser.

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