Once you've created your RFMS fundraiser, your next step is to connect your personal, school, or PTA bank account with our credit card processing partner Stripe.

Stripe is a 3rd party fulfillment partner that handles all credit card processing company and will act as your main point of contact for your all of your online pledge donations generated throughout your RFMS fundraiser.

If you already have an account with Stripe, you can just log into your Stripe account to grant access for our app to receive online pledge payments. If you are not a Stripe customer, setting up an account takes a few minutes.

From your My Fundraiser page, scroll down to our Payment Setup component and click on Connect Account. You will then be taken to our RFMS Stripe account page. Please fill out the required information to setup your account and then you are ready to go! Stripe will connect you back to your My Fundraiser page once you successfully completed your account. 

When you refresh your My Fundraiser page, scroll back down to our Payment Setup component. There you will now see that your account is ready to receive online pledge donations.

IMPORTANT: Your bank account must be setup successfully in order to invite others to join your RFMS fundraiser.

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