A perfect online reading and fundraising app would not be complete unless your supporters are able to instantly track their reading minutes and session. However, to manage a successful reading competition, you also need to think about developing tools so other who are managing the fundraiser can check and make sure people are accurately telling the right story.

Let's face it, kids can be a little generous when recording their reading sessions so RFMS has provided both the Event Administrator and Team Leaders with tools to manage reading records based on the role that they play in your fundraiser.

Event Administrator - The EA has the ability to edit all reading records across the fundraiser.

Team Leaders - The TLs have the ability to edit all reading records associated with the team they are managing.

Managing and recording reading records is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Adding Minutes to Reading Records

Go to your Team page and select the "+" icon that is located next to either the reading minutes or books read totals. Once you click the icon, you will notice that you can select which reader/s you would like to add minutes to within the team. 

Once you've decided on the specific readers you would like to edit, select the time (reading minutes) or book completion (books read) and select SAVE.

You will receive a i-app notification to verify that your request to add minutes/books to their reading records. Click the APPLY button and all reader records will be updated.

Tip: This is a wonderful feature for Event Admins and Team leads reading in a collaborative fashion to a group of readers in a classroom.

Editing Reading Records

Event Admins and Team leads can also edit and delete specific reading records if records need to be revised. To do this, go to your Team page and select a specific reader profile you wish to edit. From there, scroll down to the reader's reading record and edit a specific record. 

It's that easy!

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