Our Read for My School app design focus is to create a flexible reading and fundraising solution that allows all user types (Event Admin, Team leads, and even Team members) to build and manage additional reader profiles so that you can achieve a 100% participation rate with your RFMS fundaiser.

Why allow users to create reader profiles?

From years of software experience in the school market, we've come to understand the complexities that gave us the blueprint to build out this innovative approach to fundraising.

PTA who manages everything - Most PTA supporters are also parents of children that they might need to manage within a school fundraiser.

Parent with multiple children - parents with more than one reader can easily be managed under the parent's account.

Team leads (teachers) with readers who might not have access to participate at home - Teachers can create and manage readers directly under their own team lead account.

What's the benefit of creating and managing reader profiles?

While the benefits are many, we always go back to designing a digital software solution that allows EVERYONE to participate. Allowing all users the ability to create and manage reader profiles, we provide a innovative and unique approach that provides access to everyone wanting to read and give back to their community.

Creating Reader Profiles

Creating additional reader profiles to manage under one account is fast and simple to setup. Once you are logged into the RFMS app, go to your profile dropdown menu and select Manage My Profiles. From there, you will already see your profile that you initially registered with. Select Create New Reader Profile and complete the form. You will need to select the team you want your reader profile to be in (team = classroom) as well as provide a User Profile, First/Last Name, and profile avatar. That's it!!

When you go back to your profile dashboard, you will see the newly created reader profile. Selecting the profile will then allow you to track their reading progress as well as fundraise so that your reader profile can participate in the fun!

Editing Reader Profiles

From your profile dashboard, go to the specific reader profile and select the EDIT icon. There you can switch teams (move a reader profile from one team to another) revise their profile (change profile name; avatar) to even deleting the profile.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to delete a specific reader profile that already contains data (minutes read, books read, donations) all data will be deleted. The RFMS system will still track all online pledge donations made on behalf of the reader so please talk to your Event Administrator to make sure records are managed correctly.

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