Managing pledge donations can be difficult when you are promoting a fundraiser, but with Read for My School, we've automated this process for you with your Donor List page.

Every online pledge donation will be individually tracked on your Donor LIst page allowing you easy access to track and manage transactions as they come into your RFMS fundraiser. Every user who supports your RFMS fundraiser has a Donor LIst page, but the amount of data that can be tracked across your fundraiser is different depending on the role that they play in your fundraiser.

Event Administrator (PTA): The EA can view all online transactions across the entire RFMS fundraiser. The EA also has access to download a complete transaction list so maybe the financial aspects of the fundraiser offline.

Team Leaders (teachers): The TLs can track and manage all online transactions that happen within the team that they are managing.

Team Members (readers): Each TM can track and manage online pledge donations made on their behalf.

The Donor List page records and tracks the following information for each online pledge donation made through the RFMS app:

 - Date - when the donation was made
 - Donation value - how much was pledged
 - Donor - who made the donation
 - Donor's email address - direct link to donor's email address
 - Donor's comment - comments made by donor to beneficiary
 - Corporate matching - whether the donor request corporate matching information
 - Team - what team the donation came from
 - Beneficiary - who received the donation

While all users who are supporting your RFMS fundraiser have a Donor List page, only the Event Administrator has permissions to track all data as well as the ability to download a complete list.

Tip: Email a "thank you" note to your donors! Your Donor List page tracks incoming donor information such as emails and comments. This information allows you to easily send a thank you note for their generous support to your fundraiser.

IMPORTANT: While RFMS doesn't automate corporate matching, we do provide an easy solution that you can manage yourself. Your Donor List page tracks all donors who are interested in corporate matching their pledge donation. we've provided a sample corporate matching form below that you can download and distribute to your donors to get the ball rolling. 

Sample corporate matching form

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