One of the biggest reason to create and promote a fundraiser is to raise pledge donation support. With digital fundraising solutions like Read for My School, it's as easy as clicking a button and choosing the right social channel that works for you!

Step 1: Click on SHARE button

Step 2: Select a social channel that works for you!

With RFMS, you can share your fundraiser donation page link as follows:

Copy/paste link - Just click to copy link and paste it in any way. Instant messaging (SMS), an email, or whatever you feel comfortable with sending to your donors.

Facebook - You can share on your Facebook wall. Your facebook wall will contain a badge image as well as link directly to your donation page.

Twitter - instant tweet that can be shared to friends

Email - opens your mail client with a personal email ready to go for you!

With RFMS, sharing your fundraiser has never been this easy!!

For additional support, check out this training video

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