Creating a personal message highlights to others why you are so passionate about giving back to your community. It's easy to do and creates an instant connection with friends and family on your donation page.

Creating a personal message is simple and fast to setup. When you log into your RFMS fundraiser, you are taken directly to your My Fundraiser page. There you will see what your fundraiser is all about as well as your overall goals. At the top of the page, you will see My personal message and a form field (see screenshot below).

Your next step is to create a personal message! Whether you want to highlight why you love to read, favorite books, or even your personal goals, your personal story will be highlighted on your public donation page that you share (see below). 

To see your donation page, click the PREVIEW button. This will launch a new browser window and let you view what your donors will see when you share your donation page.

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