Connecting your preferred method of banking with RFMS is fast to setup and easy to manage. Just follow the steps below to get your RFMS fundraiser ready to accept online pledge donations!

Step 1: Connect to Stripe
Once you've created your RFMS fundraiser, the next step is to get your bank details ready and to connect to our credit card processing partner, Stripe. On your My Fundraiser page, scroll down to our Payment Setup feature and click on CONNECT TO STRIPE button.

Step 2: Create your FREE account with Stripe
Creating your FREE user account is extremely easy with Stripe. From the RFMS app, you will be taken to our RFMS/Stripe account form. There you will need to completely fill out all of the required fields to setup your account. Please make sure you have all of your banking information ready to go when connecting to Stripe. Stripe is a secure service that will provide all of the credit card processing services for online pledge donations made by your supporters through your RFMS fundraiser.

Step 3: Managing your account with Stripe
Once you've successfully setup your account with Stripe, you will be redirected back to your RFMS My Fundraiser page. If you scroll down, you will notice that your account details will be highlighted informing you that your account is ready to go and that all online pledge donations received through your RFMS fundraiser will be wired directly to your bank account. To make any changes, click on the CHANGE ACCOUNT button to be taken back to Stripe to manage your account.

Check out our training video below.

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