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Downloading and formatting your progress reports on Read for My School
Downloading and formatting your progress reports on Read for My School

RFMS makes it easy to download, track and manage your reading records and donation reports offline.

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Fundraising can be challenging when you have to manage everything on paper, but with Read for My School, you can easily track and manage all of your online pledge donations in one place - even when you are offline!

As the event administrator, you can download your complete transaction list in a workable format directly within MS Excel or Google Sheets.

To do this, follow the steps below. It takes you a couple of minutes! The steps below highlight how to download your donation report but the same steps apply to your reading records.

Step 1: Download your report

There are a couple of ways to download your donation report from the Read for My School app. You can download it directly from your FUNDRAISER REPORT page or through your DONATION WALL page.

Once your report has been successfully downloaded to your laptop or desktop, click on the CSV file below. Downloading takes just a couple of seconds...

TIP: Make sure you save the file in a folder so you can access it later.

Step 2: Import File (.CSV) into Google Sheets

For this tutorial, we are going to provide you with step-by-step instructions on downloading and formatting your CSV file through Google Sheets. First, open up and start a Google Sheet. Then, under the FILE menu, select IMPORT.

Step 3: Locate your downloaded File (.CSV)

Select Upload and open up your downloaded CSV file. The file will be located in your DOWNLOADS folder or a folder that you've placed the CSV file in.

Step 4: Select format parameters

Make sure you select CREATE NEW SPREADSHEET, select TAB for separator type, and YES for converting CSV text to numbers, date, and formulas.

Step 4: Open formatted file in Google Sheets

Once Google Sheets has formatted your CSV file, please click on OPEN NOW.

Step 6: View newly formatted report in Google Sheets

Once you've formatted your CSV file, you can easily manage all of your online pledge donations offline.

Your Donation Report CSV File:

Below are all the reporting data you will receive when you download your donation report CSV file:

  • Donation Date - when the donation transaction was made

  • Team - the team the donation transaction supports

  • Beneficiary - the reader profile account who received the donation

  • Donation Amount - the total amount of the donation

  • Net Amount - the net amount owed to your organization from the donation

  • Processing Fee - Stripe fee (2.9% + 0.30) credit card processing fee associated with the transaction

  • Donor's Name - the donor's name associated with the transaction

  • Donor's Email Address - the Donor's email address on file associated with the transaction

  • Donor's Comment - donor's words of encouragement message to the reader

  • Corporate Matching - yes or no on whether donation qualifies for corporate matching

  • Gift Aid (UK-based fundraisers only) - yes or no on whether donation qualifies for Gift Aid gov program

Your Reading/Progress Report CSV File:

Below are all the reporting data you will receive when you download your reader progress report CSV file:

  • Profile name - the display name on the reader's donation page

  • First and last name - reader's personal account name (internal support purposes)

  • Email address - email address on file for reader profile account

  • Managed profile - yes or no if the reader profile is a managed profile under another account (example: a parent has three reader profiles under one account)

  • Date created - when the reader profile was created in the system

  • Last session - the last reading session made by reader in the system

  • Team name - the team which the reader supports for your fundraiser

  • Grade-level - the grade level of the reader profile

  • Reading minutes - total minutes tracked by the reader profile

  • Books Completed - total # of books marked as complete by reader profile

  • Pledge donations received - total # of pledge donations raised by reader profile to support your fundraiser.

Create custom reading reports:

As the administrator, you can easily create custom reading reports. Just click on DOWNLOAD REPORT from your dashboard Reading Report. Then, select a start and end date to download your custom reading report. Now you never have to worry about students starting their reading challenge too early.

Need help with corporate matching? Download our corporate matching form template below.

For additional assistance, please contact our in-app support team.

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