Fundraising can be challenging when you have to manage everything on paper, but with Read for My School, you can easily track and manage all of your online pledge donations in one place - even when you are offline!

As the event administrator, you can download your complete transaction list in a workable format directly within MS Excel. 

To do this, follow the steps below. It takes you a couple of minutes!

Step 1: Download your donation list from the RFMS app.

Downloading takes just a couple of seconds...

Step 2: Open File (.CSV)
RFMS exports the file as a .CSV which is supported across various applications. Screenshots below provide a step-by-step through MS Excel.

Step 3: Highlight the entire list in 1st column.

Step 4: Highlight DATA tab and select TEXT TO COLUMNS button.

Step 5: Select DELIMITED as the option you want to choose.

Step 6: Select SEMI-COLON as the option you want to choose.

Step 7: Select GENERAL as the option and want to choose. Click FINISH to complete.

You will receive a notification to accept format change - Click OK.

Once completed, you have a nice and easy way to track pledge donations as well as manage communication with your pledge donors for additional corporate matching opportunities.

Need help with corporate matching? Download our corporate matching form template below.

For additional support, please watch this training video.

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