RFMS prides itself on providing a safe and secure reading and fundraising experience so here are some best practices when it comes to deleting profiles.

Why do I have to delete reader profiles?
We would all like to think that everyone using our platform is supporting your RFMS fundraiser for the right reasons, but it is the internet! With that in mind, here are some things to know.

Deleting readers is a two-step process. Once you select a reader profile you would like to delete, the RFMS system will highlight a verification message for you to approve in order for your profile to be deleted from your fundraiser. 

Event administrators have permissions to delete any reader profiles across the RFMS fundraiser. As stated above, we want all EAs to have the ability to provide a safe and secure fundraiser so we provide the ability for the EA to delete any profile if they find that the profile in question is abusing the system.

What happens to my reading records?
Once a reader profile is deleted, all reading sessions (minutes and books read) will be deleted. Deleting records will impact all data results across the reading goals that you've set for your RFMS fundraiser.

What happens to the donation records?
While the reader profile records are deleted, we track and maintain all profile donation records within the Donor List of the RFMS fundraiser so to provide you a complete financial record. 

Can I apply the donation records to a another user?
Unfortunately, you are not able to apply donation records made from one reader to another once they are deleted.

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