Now that you've created your RFMS fundraiser, your next step is to get your team leaders (teachers) ready to go. Here's a simple checklist you can share with teachers looking to support your RFMS fundraiser.

Sign up - Teachers should click on the private invite link that you (event adminstrator) sends them so they can participate in your fundraiser. During the registration process, they will be ask to do two (2) things:

  1. Create a team - Team leaders will create a team name that will manage their team of readers (Example: Mr. Smith's 3rd Grade Readers)
  2. Create a Team Leader Profile - Team leaders will create an account, profile name, and select a fun avatar.

Once they've completed the registration process, they will be linked directly to their My Fundraiser dashboard to do the following to support your RFMS fundraiser.

Set reading and fundraising goals - Each Team leader can create custom reading and fundraising goals that align to their team needs. As the event administrator, yuo should talk to your team leaders before you start your RFMS fundraiser to make sure your community goals align with team goals. This way, 1st grade reading goals align to what 1st graders need vs. 7th graders who read at a different level.

Invite readers to your team - Once your team is set up, teachers can invite their readers to join their team. We recommend inviting parents and readers when your reading and fundraising challenge starts so everyone starts at the same time. Not unlike how the event administrator invited team leaders to join the fundraiser, team leaders can invite readers directly from their MY TEAM page. There, just click on INVITE READERS button and choose the best invite option that works best for you. You can either copy/paste your private team invite link OR insert the email addresses of parents and readers and we (RFMS) will send a personal invite with instruction. 

Track reader progress - On your MY TEAM page, you can track your reader progress as well as assign minutes if you need to. Example, is if you have a group read in the classroom, you can easily assign reading minutes to your team of readers directly within the app instead of waiting for children to do it at home. Just click on MY TEAM and then click on the + ADD MINUTES. Then assign the minutes to either the entire group of readers or individually. With RFMS, teachers are in complete control of managing reading time. 

QUICK TIP: Need to "police" reading records? If you are worried about readers cheating on their reading records, don't be. As the team leader, teachers have complete control and can edit ANY reader's reading record "if" users are abusing the system. Just go into your MY TEAM page, click on a specific reader and scroll down to their reading record. You can view as well as edit all reading records submitted so that you are promoting a FUN and FAIR challenge for everyone.

Write a personal donation page message - All supporters of your RFMS fundraiser has the ability to share your community message to donors so as team leaders you can write a personal message to donors that can be shared on your donation page. You can find your personal message form directly on your My Fundraiser dashboard.

Start reading and fundraising! - The most important piece of the puzzle is to have fun! Whether you are raising $1,000 or $50,000, the goal should always be to make sure your supporters are having fun! 

Let us know if you need additional support. Our RFMS support team is here to answer any questions you might have about making your fundraiser the best it can be!

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