While there are many ways to design an online invitation system, we've focused our design and development efforts on what's most important - providing a safe and secure school fundraising solution that works!

Here's some common questions we usually get when it comes to inviting others to join and support their RFMS fundraiser.

Why are invitations done with private links?
The simple answer is because doing it this way provides the safest possible way to promote a school fundraiser that isn't susceptible to online hackers.

Why does the event administrator (PTA/PTO/school admin) need to invite team leaders to join their fundraiser? Can't they just invite and manage everyone?
Well, this answer really doesn't have a wrong answer, but the main reason we designed our invite system like this is because most event administrators have a teacher list - not student lists. All you need to do is invite your teachers (team leaders) and get them to register and create their team name.  Once they register, you as an event admin can invite readers to join or like we've done with our design - allow your teachers to invite their readers. We've found that it's easier to pass inviting reader to your team leaders (teachers) since they already have a direct connect with their students in the classroom as well as home with the parent.

Why does the teacher need to invite readers to their team?
Based on the way we track data across school, teams, and individuals, the safest way to promote a secure reading and fundraising challenge is to understand the best way to communicate with your supporters - parents. Teachers already have direct communication with their student's parent/s or guardians so providing tools for the teachers to invite their readers seems the most logical approach.

Can the event administrator invite readers to teams?
YES. Once you have all of your team leaders set up they've created their teams, the event administrator can go into a specific team from their RFMS Teams page, select the team they want to invite readers to and invite away. 

While designing the invite system why do team leaders need to be set up first? Can't you just have one link to invite everyone to join?
This is probably the most common question and the answer is a bit complicated. As we stated above, RFMS tracks data across school, teams, and individual readers so one invite link wouldn't work since they need to be tracked differently. A user would need to click on the invite link and then choose the team that they want to support - which is NOT a secure method of inviting others to join in on the fun. What this provides is problems both from user error (picking the wrong team) to online hackers (that shouldn't be joining your school fundraiser in the first place. Putting the invite link in the hands of your team leaders (teachers) provides a safe way to know that students are joining the right teams for the right reasons.

If you need more assistance, please talk to a RFMS support team rep. We are happy to go over your ideas and explore new ways to make your school fundraiser on RFMS easy and safe for your supporters.

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