While providing a fundraising solution to schools is our passion, there are some tricky issues to deal with and the most common is having our emails blocked or "bounced" by a school network. This means that your school network has spam filters to block potentials 3rd party email content or even "blacklisted" 3rd party emails from users entirely who have a school email address.

Most school networks have security measures in place to block 3rd party emails coming to users who are under a school IP address. This is every common, but it does present a challenge for us to send important emails about your supporters registering for your read-a-thon as well as their reading and fundraising progress on our app.

If you are receiving support issues with users not receiving our emails, please check first if the email addresses are within your school network. If so, talk to your school network administrator to see if they would unblock or "whitelist" emails coming from our service. 

In cases like this where your school needs to whitelist our email service in order to receive email from our servers but aren't able to whitelist everything we're sending, it's pretty common for school mail administrators to set up custom spam rules within their email filtering software so that emails which match *both* of these conditions will be accepted (and all others rejected):

To work, the rules must match both of these conditions:

1. The email contains one of our sending domains within the 'Return-Path' address (bounce tracking)

We use one of these domains in the Return-path:
cmail1.com through cmail20.com

2. The email contains our domain in the 'Friendly From' address. This would be the return domain address of our emails:

(Example: Our return email address is noreply@readformyschool.com and our domain of our email address is readformyschool.com)


Sending IP Addresses:

Below are the IP ranges we use for sending email:


Unfortunately, it's not possible for RFMS to provide the exact steps to fix your school network to receive our emails as they will be specific to your school network and the service your school uses to receive 3rd party email. Your school administrator who manages your email should be able to use the information above to set up your custom spam filter rules so that your email support issues are resolved and users can receive our emails.

Thank you for your patience with this.

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