As you already know, fundraising can be challenging - especially when you need to support a variety of ESL (English second language) supporters.

While we do offer our RFMS web app to be translated in Spanish (looking to add more this year), we do provide steps and editable documents so that you can take some our marketing materials and translate them so that your supporters are ready to go when your read-a-thon starts.

Step 1: Download materials from our RFMS toolkit

Here's an example of a parent letter template you can download right now.

Step 2: Edit document so that it works for your community needs.

Now that you've download the document from our toolkit, edit and customize your cause-marketing message so that is aligns to your read-a-thon goals and objectives. 

Save the document on your computer to a place you can find it.

Step 3: Go to Google Translate to localize document

That you are ready to translate the document, go to Google Translate. There you will see a screen like the image below. Please click on the DOCUMENTS button.

Then, click on BROWSE YOUR COMPUTER button.

Find the file that you saved and select the specific translation you are looking for. In this case, we selected Spanish. Next, please click on TRANSLATE button.

Google Translate will automatically localize your doc to a variety of languages that fits your community fundraising needs.

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