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Creating your custom fundraising story on Read for My School
Creating your custom fundraising story on Read for My School

Creating a story that resonates with your donors is key when promoting a successful fundraiser

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Connecting your fundraiser with donors is all about your storytelling. The more donors understand your fundraising message, the higher your participation rates will be as well as the potential pledge donations you will receive.

Creating or editing your fundraising message

To create or edit your fundraiser story, go to your FUNDRAISER SETTINGS page. There you will find tools to help you craft your fundraising message in just a few clicks! Just click the EDIT button next to your fundraiser name to get started.

When in EDIT MODE, you can write a custom story, upload an image (Example: school mascot; logo), share a video (Vimeo and YouTube support), as well as set up custom goals, and leaderboards providing the right excitement around your fundraiser.

TIP: Creating and sharing a video is a powerful tool to get your supporters excited about your fundraiser. Talk to your sponsors or school administrators to see if they would help you. Once you've completed your video, upload it to one of our supported video platforms (YouTube or Vimeo). Then copy/paste the video share link to post your video on every donation page promoting your fundraiser. It's that easy!

IMPORTANT: You can use our calendar tool to extend your fundraiser end date at any time. There are no time restrictions so promote your fundraiser when you want and for as long as you need it.

Setting up goals and options for your fundraiser

Once you've created your community fundraiser message, the next step is to set up some reading and fundraising goals for your fundraiser. To create your custom goals, click the EDIT button (see screenshot below). Then, set your overall goals for your fundraiser (Example: 100,000 reading minutes; $10,000 fundraising goal) as well as individual student goals (Example: 400 reading minutes; $25 fundraising goal). Once you've set the goals the way you want them, click the SAVE button.

IMPORTANT: The goals you create will set up how students receive their achievement badges for participating in your fundraiser. When students reach the goals you've created, they unlock hidden achievement badges as a reward for their support.

TIP: If you need some help creating goals, download our 20/20 Challenge plan.

Next, complete your story by setting up some additional fundraiser options below:

  • Receive daily email summary on fundraiser progress (coming soon)

  • Turn on/off donor messages on all public donation pages

  • Turn on/off individual student donations on the leaderboard

  • Turn on/off student donation page links on the leaderboard

Preview your story to make sure it works for you

Once you've set up/saved your fundraiser story, goals, and options above, click the PREVIEW button to view your fundraiser donation page. It's a great way to see what your donors will see when supporting your campaign.

TIP: Your administrator donation page also allows for your supporters to join in on the fun. Your supporters can just click on the JOIN FUNDRAISER button (see screenshot below) to get started. It's a simple way to launch your fundraiser. Supporters who click the button will automatically start registering for your fundraiser. It's that easy!

For additional assistance, please contact our in-app support team.

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