What is Rhithm?

An overview Rhithm and how it provides value to you and your district.

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Rhithm is a wellness tool that makes it easy for counselors, teachers, and administrators to check in with students and provide equitable access to evidence-based practices and lessons.

Rhithm provides a simple emoji-based check-in that provides valuable data to educators, counselors, and leaders, after which individual wellness activities and lessons are displayed to help educators and students be regulated and ready to learn.

Risk alerts help make sure no student data falls through the cracks by allowing counselors and educators to create custom conditions under which to receive an in-app, email, or web notification.

Scheduled events make it easy to create routine check-ins to avoid false positives and help create powerful habits.

Pre-built or custom assessments allow administrators to explore topics such as skills, SEL competencies, school climate, and well-being more deeply.

Rhithm Insights is a data visualization and reporting tool for leaders that makes it easy to analyze trends across their district or campuses while increasing awareness to support data-driven decision-making.

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