Set and reinforce clear expectations for use

  • Campus leadership should set clear expectations for how counselors and teachers are expected to use Rhithm.

  • This Campus Implementation Plan Template can help with that communication!

  • Reinforce daily use through channels like morning announcements

Kick off with a “Rhithm Week”

  • Have teachers or counselors introduce Rhithm to students using these resources.

  • Foster a little friendly competition through a contest to complete the most check-ins by classroom or grade level

  • Anticipate and allow for extra time to address any login issues or student questions as they get used to Getting in Rhithm

Share Results

  • Teacher or Counselor Success Stories: Identify teachers or counselors at this campus or other campuses who are using Rhithm regularly and have them share their Rhithm success stories via short video testimonials or live

  • Data from Rhithm Insights: Share data on usage and learning readiness

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