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✨ New: Rhithm Chrome extension
✨ New: Rhithm Chrome extension

Install Rhithm as a Chrome extension so that students can access a check-in from any page

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The Rhithm Chrome extension makes it easy for students to Get in Rhithm without having to navigate to the Rhithm web app. The extension can be pushed to student devices via the Google Admin Console or installed individually. The section below covers more details on how to install and use the Chrome extension, as well as best practices for creating a seamless check-in experience.


Installing the extension

  1. From the Admin console home page, go to Devices > Chrome

  2. Click Apps & extensions > Users & browsers

    • To install the extension for a specific group only, do the following:

      1. Select Groups

      2. Select the group to which you want to apply the setting

    • To install the extension for all users and enrolled browsers

  3. Click Add Chrome app or extension by ID and do the following:

  4. Click Additional settings

  5. Under Installation policy, choose Force install or Force install + pin

  6. Click Save

Logging In

As long as a student is logged in to Chrome with their school email address, they will be automatically logged in to Rhithm when the Chrome extension is installed.

❗️If a student has never logged in to Rhithm before, they'll be prompted to select their Google account to share it with Rhithm.

If a student is receiving an error message upon loading the app, it may be due to a rostering issue. Please contact and our support team will help make sure the student's account is set up properly.

Completing a check-in

Students will complete a check-in the same way they do in the web app, with the option to answer any or all of the questions. After completing the check-in, they will receive a video activity based on their answers.

If a teacher or administrator has scheduled or launched a check-in for students, they'll be prompted to complete this session. Students can also self-initiate a Rhithm check-in.

Scheduling a check-in

Administrators and teachers can schedule check-ins from the web app. We recommend creating a recurring schedule of check-ins to create consistency and make the check-in process more seamless. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a schedule of check-ins, click here.

Administrators and teachers can also launch a live session by clicking "Get in Rhithm" from the web app. More information is available here.

💡 Students will automatically be prompted to complete a check-in that has been scheduled for them.

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