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Timekeeping: Exporting Time Cards
Timekeeping: Exporting Time Cards

How to Export Timekeeping Data

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Rhumbix timekeeping data can be exported via CSV for payroll, time cards, and other data analysis software. This feature gives users a convenient CSV file to import or edit in grid view. The export must be configured by Rhumbix. Please work with your Professional Services Consultant to scope the format of your file.

To Export Rhumbix Time Card Data

1. Navigate to Time Cards and select Weekly View.

2. Users can edit various filters (Date range, Projects, Project Status, etc.) by clicking the blue bar at the top of the page and opening the Modify Filters right rail. Click Apply. Or users can export ALL time cards by not applying filters.

3. Click Export in the taskbar towards the top of the page.

4. The Export Options page opens. Users can modify the date range and select particular payroll statuses for export. Please note: large date ranges may take additional time to download due to the amount of data.

5. Click Export.csv.

6. The CSV file will automatically download to your device.

7. Open the CSV file to view time card data.

CSV Formats

Each company can add one or more CSV export formats depending on ERP/Payroll import needs and other reporting requirements. Rhumbix Representatives will work with users during onboarding to ensure they have access to all the formats needed.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping in our Support Center.

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