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Timekeeping: Locking a Time Period
Timekeeping: Locking a Time Period

How Admins Can Lock Time

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Rhumbix allows Admin users to lock a time period. This prevents time cards from being edited and new ones from being submitted up to a certain date. Admins can still override this feature if a time card is created or edited through the web app.

To Lock a Time Period

1. Navigate to Company Settings and select Locked Time Period

2. Click the Allow locked time periods checkbox, and select the lock dates. Changes will be automatically saved.

3. To change the lock dates, users can scroll from month to month. Once a date is selected, Rhumbix will choose all the previous dates.

All other user roles (Payroll Admin, PM, Foreman, and Office Staff) cannot edit existing time cards or submit new time cards within the selected locked time period.

Admins can edit existing time cards and submit new time cards but will see a lock icon to signify the time period is locked.

Users can always find more information about timekeeping in our Support Center.

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