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Timekeeping: Setting Signature Preferences
Timekeeping: Setting Signature Preferences

Setting up Time Card Signature Preferences

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Rhumbix allows Admin users to set default signature options for all new projects. Admins can also set specific signature preferences for individual projects. This is a useful tool to set up project preferences better.

Make sure the Enable Required Signatures toggle is on.

Admin users are given options for their default team signature preferences. These default preferences will only apply to any newly created projects.

Daily Signatures: Requires time cards to be signed daily

Weekly Signatures: Requires time cards to be signed weekly

Prompt End-of-Day Questions (For Daily Signatures Only): End-of-day questions for daily signatures

Display Shifts and Breaks on Signatures

Signature Pad Type: The type of signature on time cards

  • Type only

  • Draw only

  • Hybrid (both)

Once the preferences have been set, click Submit to save any changes.

To Set Team Signature Preferences by Project

Navigate to Projects under Company Settings.

Select the project you want to update Signature Preferences.

Scroll to the right and click Modify.

The right rail opens; scroll down to Signatures.

Here, users are presented with the same options for signature preferences. However, these will only affect the specific project you are modifying.

Click Save to save any changes.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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