On the Rhumbix Web App, Production users can now view both daily and weekly gain and loss on our new Production Tracking - Gain/Loss dashboard. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to access and navigate this page.

Accessing the Production Tracking - Gain/Loss Dashboard

The new Production Tracking - Gain/Loss dashboard will eventually replace the original Daily Profit/Loss and Weekly Profit/Loss Dashboards, and can be found under the Analytics section of the left navigation pane. The previous Daily and Weekly Profit/Loss Dashboards will still be accessible for the time being, but will have the label (Legacy).


Setting Filters


After selecting Production Tracking - Gain/Loss, you will need to select your preferred filters. You can decide which project to view by filtering by the Project Name. Specify the reporting period you wish to view by selecting the Shift Period, which allows you to view monthly as well. You also have the option to view Gain/Loss through time for a specific Cost Code or Cost Code Group. You will also be able to specify what date granularity you want for the Gain/Loss bar chart.

The user will then have to click the reload button on the top right to reload the data.


Navigating the Production Tracking - Gain/Loss Dashboard


For each cost code, you are able to reference budget data and analyze detailed productivity metrics for the selected period and entire job-to-date. The tables show whether you’re picking up or losing hours against your budget based on your entered production and budgeted unit rate. We have also broken down the Production Details into three sections for each cost code: your Budget, the selected Period, and Job to Date.


The Gain/Loss chart allows you to spot gain/loss trends through time (x-axis), using the calculation Earned hours - Actual hours (y-axis). If your Earned Hours exceed your Actual Hours, the bar will be green. If your Actual Hours exceed your Earned Hours, the bar will be red. If you only report quantities on Fridays you’ll want to set your date granularity to Weekly so that all the hours and production for each week are captured in a bar.


Within Productivity Details, the information is broken down into three sections for each cost code: your Budget, the selected Period, and Job to Date. The budget data pulls from what you enter for the selected project under Project Settings → Budget. The period is calculated based on the shift date range you have filtered upon. The job to date columns will always show actuals for the entirety of the project.

Data Definitions


The last section on this page provides a brief description of each of the data definitions. It also breaks down how the data is formulated.

Exporting Gain/Loss Data


You can export the Gain/Loss data using the dashboard actions button at the top right of the page. Click on the Download button to have the download options box appear.


You can select CSV or PDF format to download. This will download a file with all your cost code data within the selected filters.

For more information on Production Tracking, you can always check out our Support Center.

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