On the Rhumbix Web App, Production users can now compare budget versus actual hours with our new Production Tracking Dashboard - Cost Code Status. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to access and navigate this page.

Accessing the Cost Code Status Dashboard

The new Cost Code Status dashboard will be replacing the previous version of the Cost Code Status Dashboard and will be found under the Analytics section of the main menu. The original Cost Code Status Dashboard will still be accessible for the time being, but will have the label (Legacy).


Setting Filters


After selecting the Cost Code Status page, you will need to select a project in the drop down filters at the top. You can decide which project to view by filtering by the Project Name or Job Number. You can also view just the Cost Codes for a specific Cost Code Group.

You will then have to click the reload button on the top right to reload the data.


Navigating the Cost Code Status Dashboard


On this page, we show some Project Level KPIs to quickly make sense of where you stand on the project.


The first section is the Overall Project Summary that shows progress bars of your Hours Percent Complete compared to your Work Percent Complete. This will quickly let you know if you are ahead or behind the overall budget. Next is your Budgeted Hours, Actual Hours, and Remaining Hours that are simply broken out and are filterable by cost code group.


In the second section we show again the Budgeted Hours, Actual Hours, and Remaining Hours for each Cost Code as well as the Hour Percent Complete and Work Percent Complete. Simply put, when Work Percent Complete is higher than the Hours Percent Complete, you’re performing well compared to your budget. This table will flag any codes in red where you’ve exceeded your budgeted hours or have over claimed on production.

Data Definitions


The last section on this page provides a brief description of each of the data definitions. It also breaks down how the data is formulated.

Exporting Cost Code Status Data


You can export the cost code data using the dashboard actions button at the top right of the page. Click on the Download button to have the download options box appear.


You can select CSV or PDF format to download. This will download a file with all your cost code data within the selected filters.

For more information on Production Tracking, you can always check out our Support Center.

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