Rhumbix has one standard dashboard on the mobile app where you can see an overview of your job productivity. The data is pulled from each time card and quantity note entered for your projects and is automatically calculated in each graph on this page. With the data displayed in the productivity tab, you can see how far along your team has progressed in your project and details for each of your cost codes. This guide will assess this data and teach you how to read these graphs to help you understand your job progress and make decisions based off this information.

To review your productivity tracking data on mobile, tap on the productivity tab at the bottom of the screen.

Cost Code Details

  1. BH- Budgeted Hours, the total amount of hours you have in your budget.

  2. AH- Actual Hours, the total number of hours spent so far in your budget.

  3. RH- Remaining Hours, the total number of hours remaining in your budget (RH = BH - AH).

  4. HPC- Hours Percent Complete, how many hours used over how many hours budgeted (HPC = AH/BH).

  5. WPC- Work Percent Complete, total amount of quantities recorded multiplied by your budgeted unit rate of installation.

  6. U/O- Under or Over Budget.

  7. Guide- This information can also be found by tapping on the ? in the top right corner.

Depending on how production tracking is set up for your account, some of the columns below may be missing on your app.

  • If your account is only budgeting with hours, you will see the BH, AH, and RH columns.

  • If your account is budgeting with hours and quantities, you will see the BH, AH, RH, HPC, and WPC columns.

Your percentages for WPC and HPC are essential tools to see if your project is still on track.

  • If WPC > HPC, you have completed more work than expected, meaning that you are on track to completing the job with budgeted hours to spare.

  • If WPC = HPC, your work done is consistent and proportionate to the time spent, meaning that you are right on schedule.

  • If WPC < HPC, you have completed less work than expected, meaning that you are behind on completing the job and may require more budgeted hours.

You also have the option to sort your cost codes with three different views.

  • All Codes- Displays all codes for the project.

  • Most Recent- Displays the most recently used cost codes.

  • Most Used- Displays the most used codes.

Project Summary Details

Above the chart, you'll find your overall project summary. This compiles data from all cost codes for the project.

  1. Project Name.

  2. HPC.

  3. WPC.

  4. HPC shown in a bar graph.

    • If the bar is green, this means your progress is on track or ahead.

    • If the bar is red, this means you are over budget and you have more hours spent than work complete.

  5. WPC signified by the small grey bar.

If your dashboard is mostly showing green and your WPC is higher than your HPC, that your project is coming along well or you are ahead of your budget. However, if your dashboard is mostly showing red and your WPC is lower than your HPC, than you are behind on completing the job and may need to make some decisions to get your job back on track.

Production Tracking by Role

Like most Rhumbix functionality, different users will have access to different Production Tracking information based off their role. The only users limited with the information they can see are Foremen as they can only see data analytics for codes they have logged hours to. Users set in roles above Foremen (PM, Admin, etc.) have access to seeing data entered in by all users.

You can always find more information on Production Tracking on our Support Center.

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