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Timekeeping: Production Tracking
Timekeeping: Production Tracking
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Users can quickly gather and measure Production Tracking data in the Rhumbix Mobile App. Users enter production data under the Production tab after creating a time card. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to enter Production Quantities in the Rhumbix Mobile App.

Enter Quantities

On the Time Card Entry Screen, select PRODUCTION at the top center of the screen.

The cost codes entered in the time card will appear here in list form.

Enter the value for the discrete quantity in the Discrete Quantity text box.

  • Discrete Quantity: The total quantities for the time card entry. Users should ensure they are reporting quantities based on the noted unit.

  • Remaining: The remaining quantity will automatically populate if your cost code has the data entered. If not, the user must enter it on the web dashboard.

  • Prev Entry: The discrete quantity data previously entered on another time card.

Once the Discrete Quantity is entered, the ADD DETAILS option will appear.

Users can add a location (Limit 50 characters), pictures, and any additional description (Limit 1000 characters) for the cost code on the Add Details screen.

Click Save.

NOTE: Users can also add cost codes to the Production tab by clicking ADD COST CODE at the bottom of the list.

Return to the HOURS tab to submit or update the work shift.

Users can always find more information on Production Tracking in our Support Center.

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