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Mobile: Field Form Filters
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Field Form users can now easily search, filter, and sort their Field Forms in the Rhumbix Mobile App with our new Field Form Filters. This new feature will be especially useful for users with a high volume of Field Forms and schemas as they will no longer need to swipe through long lists of forms to find what they're looking for.

Form Tab Selector


At the top of the Field Forms page, users will now see a Form Tab Selector. All users will see the All Forms tab to show all Field Forms. From there, the subsequent tabs that populate are based off the schemas configured for a user's account so the options that show on your account may vary.

To filter the forms in the list view by form type, simply tap on the tab at the top of the page in the Form Tab selector.

Advanced Filtering


With Advanced Filtering, users can Sort, Filter, and Group their Field Forms to easily pull specific Field Forms. Advanced Filters on the Mobile App functions similarly as the same processes on the Web App. Users can tap on the filter icon on the top right to pull up the filter menu.


In the filter menu, users can select their grouping options, sorting options, and adjust additional filters. Tap into each section to make selections, and press apply to confirm.

By grouping and sorting field forms with new options, users will have more flexibility with their workflows on the mobile app. One use case that this new feature supports is grouping by project. If a user wanted to see all forms associated with a specific project, they can adjust the grouping selection and group by projects.

Clearing Filters

When filters and configurations are selected, the selections will stay applied as you navigate across different pages in the mobile app. You can clear all filters by pressing Reset Filters.

You can always find more information about Field Forms on our Support Center.

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