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Bundles and Cover Sheets
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Field Form users are now able to create bundled PDFs with Cover Sheets from their existing Field Forms. This new feature lets users combine their Field Forms and create one large file with multiple documents with a descriptive cover sheet for convenient and efficient approvals. This guide will cover how to create a bundle from the web-app, view and download a bundle, and understand the details listed on the cover sheets.

Creating a Bundle


Bundles can be created for any of your Field Forms in the Main Menu. To create a bundle:

  1. Select your project and date range in the right rail. At this time, Bundling cannot be performed across multiple projects so to bundle, please select only one project in the right rail. Click Apply to populate your list view of Field Forms.

  2. Click on the check boxes in the left hand side of the forms that you'd like to bundle.
    Pro-Tip: Utilize the grouping feature to view forms in the best view for your workflow. For example, if you're looking to bundle forms with the same GC Reference #, you can group by the GC Reference #.

  3. Once your forms are selected, click on Bundle in the action bar.

  4. Fill out the Bundle Title and Description.

  5. Press Save on the top right. Your bundle is now complete.

Once your bundle is complete, the PDF will generate and can be emailed or downloaded. This PDF will include the cover sheet and each Field Form attached to that bundle. Please note that the Bundle can take more time to generate if there are a lot of forms attached onto the bundle. Your bundle will also show up in the List View under the Saved Bundles tab in the Web App for you to view.

Viewing a Bundle

  1. In the list view, click on the Saved Bundles tab at the top of the page.

  2. Your bundles will be listed here with some key information from the bundles (date created, # of forms, etc.). If you just created a bundle and it is not showing up in the list view, please refresh your page.

  3. Press View to view your Bundle and Cover Sheet.

Understanding the Cover Sheet


Each bundle will have a cover sheet that aggregates data from each Field Form within the bundle. This information is surfaced as a preview for the PDF Initially, you won’t see the attached forms on this PDF Preview but you can click on the tag IDs to open them in separate tabs. You can also click on Download PDF to see the cover sheet and the attached Field Forms in one document.

Depending on the type of Field Form you have bundled, the data shown on the cover sheet will vary. Please see below for a table of what information will show on the cover sheet:

Field Form

Cover Sheet Data

T&M w/ Pricing

# of Forms

Work Performed Date Range

Total Costs

T&M w/o Pricing

# of Forms

Work Performed Date Range

Total Hours

Daily Construction Report

# of Forms

Work Performed Date Range

Total Hours

All other forms

# of Forms

Created On Date Range

Information for GCs and Owners

Bundles and Cover Sheets are compatible for GCs and Owners in GC-Sub and Owner-GC-Sub project share configurations.

    • As a GC/Owner, users can view any bundled forms created by the Subcontractor.

    • As a GC/Owner, users can bundle Subcontractor forms for themselves.

    • The Subcontractor can see any self-created bundles but the Subcontractor cannot see bundles created by the GC/Owner.

Note, this also applies to owners in project share configurations. As an owner, you can view any bundled forms created by the sub or GC. In addition you can also bundle forms from one or more subs.

You can always find more information on Field Forms on our Support Center.

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