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Daily Reports: Create on Mobile App
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Before getting started with your Daily Reports, ensure that you have your projects, team members, equipment, and materials added to your Rhumbix account. For more information, links are provided below.


To draft or submit a Daily Report in the Rhumbix App, go to the Forms page and follow these steps below,

  1. Click New at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select project.

  3. Click the Daily Report form.

  4. Fill out the form.

    • Please note that fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. These fields include Work Location and Work Summary.

  5. Add images and add weather conditions throughout the day.

  6. Add labor, equipment, and materials.

    • Click the Add buttons

    • Edit a single entry by clicking the object

    • Edit multiple items at once by clicking the Multi-edit button and choosing multiple objects

  7. Add additional notes about

    • Safety

    • Delays

    • Miscellaneous

  8. Sign the form and save.

  9. At the bottom of the form, press Save or Submit. Click Save to return to the form later or click Submit to send the final form to your project team.

Once the Daily Report is complete, you can then proceed with your standard approval workflow!

You can always find more information on Daily Reports on our Support Center.

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