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T&M Forms: Create on Mobile App
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Before getting started with your T&M Form Tracking Projects, ensure that you have your projects, team members, equipment, and materials added to your Rhumbix account. For more information, links are provided below.

Once you have your account set up, you will have all of the necessary components to begin creating T&M Forms!

You can create T&M Forms via the Rhumbix Dashboard or Rhumbix App. Click here to see instructions on how to create T&M Forms via Rhumbix Dashboard.

To draft or submit a T&M Form through the Rhumbix App, go to the Forms tab from the bottom navigation menu and follow these steps.

  1. Click New at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select Project.

  3. Click the T&M Tracking form.

  4. Fill out the fields. Please note that the fields with an asterisk (*) require an entry. These include Location, and Description of Work.


    Pro-Tip: For the Description field, instead of typing in the work completed, most smartphone keyboards will have a microphone button that will translate your voice into text!

  5. Add Labor, Equipment, and Materials.

    • Click the Add buttons.

    • Edit a single entry by clicking the object.

    • Edit multiple items at once by clicking the Multi-edit button and choosing multiple objects.

    • With Rhumbix you have the ability Import Time Card information to your T&M ticket to streamline your workflow! Click here for more information on how to Import Time Cards.

  6. Add Images. Please note that this will require you to allow camera permissions on your mobile device.

  7. Click "Add Subcontractor's signature." Enter your Full Name and Sign the form. Please note that the date in this field cannot be edited.

  8. Click Submit to send the final form to your project team, or click Save to return to the form later.


Once the T&M form is submitted, it will populate in your Rhumbix Dashboard for the next steps. Please see the respective links for next steps and more information on the Subcontractors Standalone Workflow, GC Share Workflow and Owner Share Workflow instructions.

You can always find more information on T&M Forms here on our Support Center.

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